Membership Details

Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce 12 Month Membership is $159 + GST

Your 12 Month GCNCC Membership Benefits

  • Discounts & invitations to GCNCC events
  • Access to CCIQ information, webinars & Fair Work advice
  • Member directory access & business listing*
  • Access to GCNCC members only Facebook group
  • GCNCC member badge*
  • GCNCC voting rights
  • Proud GCNCC Member logo*
  • Sponsorship & advertising opportunities
  • Access to the latest GCNCC information including but not limited to the latest Government, Council, training & compliance news
  • Access to Councillors
  • Access to Quarterly Magnetizing Session - hosted by Bubble Marketing
  • GCNCC member only discounts (program currently under review)

* Please note as we launch and roll out our new membership program & website some of the features may not yet be available. Please be patient with us as we roll out the new program!